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Data Security
Your database is invulnerable in our hands from destructive forces and unauthorized users.
Inventory Management
Your business’s largest asset and most significant source of revenue for your business is inventory and we are savvy in inventory management
Business Report
We replenish you the best business reports and information for your own compliance needs meeting the industry’s most poignant guidelines
How Different is our Approach


At iZONE we don’t just serve to our customer needs, we also help them to plan for the future.Technology roadmaps and Strategy Development are just a few of our services we deliver where we anticipate and solve your problems.


Helping our customers to overcome challenges requires imagination and innovation. Our principle is to deliver cutting edge solutions that will help your organisation thrive.

Customer focused

iZONE is uniquely positioned from the ground up to provide the attention, respect and service you deserve. Our prime responsibility is to meet our customers requirements, to implement system on time and within budget.

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12 years of efficacious business | Catalyzing various companies in five countries across GCC | Complete in-house development and support with 50 | proficient staff | More than 1000 POS installed…